Weigh Station Bypass

PrePass improves safety at weigh station facilities while allowing enforcement to focus on carriers with greater safety risk. HELP prequalifies carriers for the bypass program based on satisfactory inspection selection system (ISS) scores determined by each state. PrePass allows safe carriers to stay on the road and bypass PrePass-equipped inspection facilities at highway speeds. This improves the ability to manage traffic flow at the site while prioritizing enforcement efforts.

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HELP Inc. empowers carriers to improve safety by identifying areas for safety improvement. The INFORM Safety portal provides actionable data through interactive maps showing violation, inspection and bypass information. The user-friendly dashboard overlays CSA Basics and other information to help fleets identify trends that affect their safety scores and take corrective action. This allows more fleets to qualify for PrePass and improves the overall safety of our roadways.

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Electronic Toll Payment

PrePass Plus offers comprehensive toll payment and dispute resolution services with a data platform solution for carriers operating through toll sites. The service allows carriers to pass toll facilities, reducing traffic congestion and streamlining toll payments. With consolidated billing statements and fewer toll plaza delays, carriers increase efficiency and save money. There are no prepaid account balances to worry about, and PrePass handles violations and toll disputes on the behalf of the carrier.

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INFORM Tolling

The INFORM Tolling helps carriers improve administration of their tolling program to improve efficiency and cost savings. As part of the PrePass Plus toll payment service, the INFORM data portal provides visualizations that pinpoint opportunities for improvement. This information helps identify toll discount savings, vehicles with greater toll rates, status of toll disputes, peak times, maximum tolls and improper transponder use. The result is greater efficiency and toll payment accuracy.

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Electronic Logging Device

PrePass ELD helps drivers comply with the federal hours-of-service mandate. The application is developed with simplicity and safety in mind – reducing distractions in the cab while making logs easy to manage. At the roadside, officers can easily access and review records to ensure compliance. It’s a user-friendly and affordable way to keep track of hours of service, review and certify recent logs and present information during weigh station or roadside inspections.

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