Making the Highways Safer – Our Top Priority

HELP Inc. is committed to improving highway safety for commercial vehicles and passenger cars alike. As a result, only motor carriers that meet strict safety and credentialing requirements, and have a history of safe operations, are eligible for PrePass.

HELP Inc. works cooperatively with jurisdictions to develop bypass criteria for qualified fleets and trucks. These requirements help determine bypass frequencies and random pull-in rates for PrePass-equipped vehicles.

Nordloh_4“The Texas Department of Public Safety continues to look for ways to enhance public safety by leveraging technology in its enforcement efforts. Prescreening technologies such as PrePass help expedite the flow of legitimate, safe commercial traffic and concentrate its limited resources on unsafe carriers.”

Commercial vehicles participating in the PrePass program are electronically screened prior to being pre-cleared for bypass. Their safety records and credentials are routinely verified with state and federal agencies to ensure adherence to the safety and bypass criteria established by HELP and participating jurisdictions.

Freight Corridors

PrePass helps make the roads safer for everyone by enabling ports of entry and weigh station inspection staff to focus their efforts on carriers that may need more attention, while allowing qualified PrePass trucks to bypass the facilities, thus reducing congestion.

Studies show that the growth of truck traffic on North America’s freight corridors is already negatively impacting efficiency, and – although the rate of truck-involved crashes is declining even as vehicle miles traveled grow – care must be taken to ensure continued safe operations and the protection and preservation of infrastructure. HELP works to minimize those impacts and support the safe and efficient movement of goods with PrePass and other technology.

The map below illustrates the projected growth of truck traffic through 2020 and is overlaid with both operational and planned PrePass-equipped sites.

Freight Corridor Map

Safer Highways