HELP Inc. Services – Making our Roads Safer and Freight Movement More Efficient

Through its mission to deploy intelligent transportation technologies that benefit the public, government and motor carrier industry, HELP Inc. offers a comprehensive, cost-effective suite of services to the commercial vehicle industry.

PrePass weigh station bypassing

Medium PrePass by HELP

PrePass is an advanced Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) technology that enables qualified motor carriers to electronically comply with state safety, weight, and credential requirements while traveling down the road at highway speed. This enables them to “bypass” PrePass equipped weigh stations.

The PrePass system employs proven transponder technology that guarantees correct signaling and reliability. In addition, it can be installed to work in tandem with existing infrastructure, maximizing the value of a state’s investment deployed technologies.

PrePass Plus electronic toll payment

Large PrePass Plus by HELP

PrePass Plus enhances the PrePass weigh station bypassing service by enabling qualified drivers to not only bypass hundreds of PrePass-equipped weigh stations nationwide, but to also pay their bridge and toll road fees electronically at electronic toll collection (ETC) facilities using a single transponder.

With PrePass Plus there’s no need to maintain a prepaid account balance. Everything is hassle free, because we handle violations and toll disputes in every state on your behalf. So keep moving and avoid delays and long wait times at multiple toll booths.


360 SmartView

An Advanced Tool for Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Agencies

360SmartView is an integrated data solution that provides state agencies with vast amounts of secure data on trucks passing through inspection facilities for highway planning, audit and enforcement purposes. HELP Inc. has established Auxilium Inc., also a 501(c)(3), to deploy the 360SmartView service. The relationship between HELP Inc. and Auxilium Inc. is similar to a parent-subsidiary relationship.


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