HELP Inc. is committed to providing our jurisdictional partners with services that promote the safe and efficient movement of freight.

Across North America agencies have been dealing with a steady increase in truck traffic at the same time as many are facing budget constraints and reduced staffing. To assist in addressing the issues of budget and staffing limitations, HELP Inc. provides solutions to facilitate the safe movement of freight, including PrePass e-screening and weigh station pre-clearance.


“Kansas first deployed PrePass in 2001. Since then, we’ve come to value the efficiencies PrePass provides us, so that we can best utilize our resources to focus on carriers that may need more attention.”


PrePass is a turnkey solution that requires no investment by the jurisdiction for development or maintenance, HELP Inc. provides the required Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) infrastructure and ongoing maintenance. Prequalified carriers underwrite PrePass system deployment and maintenance through monthly fees.

Once PrePass is operational, fleets and vehicles are pre-screened using safety and credential information obtained from the U.S. Department of Transportation and nearly 90 other federal and state government data sources.

The success of PrePass would not be possible without the participation of states that embrace the program and utilize it as an integral part of their commercial vehicle safety enforcement strategy.