Along with input from its participating jurisdictional partners, HELP Inc. relies on the members of its Board of Directors to guide the direction of HELP and PrePass services. The HELP board is comprised of representatives from both the public and private sectors of states that have deployed PrePass and elect to become HELP members.

HuneryagerTennessee Trucking Association endorses PrePass because it’s a great service that we can recommend to our members. We only enter into endorsements through a full vetting process and it’s done by owners and former chairmen of the association who have done their research.


HELP Inc. considers representation on its board to be an additional benefit of PrePass deployment. The board oversees PrePass operational policies, determines investments, sets the criteria for new sites, ensures that sites are operating smoothly and determines any changes in carrier pricing. The board also authorizes the research of new technology benefits to determine which technology changes that will benefit states and carriers equally.

HELP public sector members generally are decision-makers for the agency that oversees commercial enforcement and/or PrePass deployment, while private sector members generally have longstanding careers in the commercial vehicle industry and serve a trucking association or a carrier, in an executive capacity.

The HELP board routinely rotates its executive leadership to assure that neither the public nor private sector dominates the organization – making HELP a true public/private partnership.

Private Sector