Savings – Time, Fuel and Money

Through PrePass, carriers have saved more than 54 million hours* of valuable driver time and over 263 million gallons* of fuel, adding up to over $4.7 billion* in operational costs.

Improved Air Quality

PrePass has been recognized as a means to improve air quality by limiting idle time and congestion inherent to waiting in inspection queues. Since 1997, the use of PrePass has resulted in 580,751* metric tons of emissions reductions, equivalent to taking 103,583* cars off the road. PrePass is a recognized EPA Smartway partner.

Reduced Traffic Congestion

PrePass allows pre-screened qualified carriers to by bypass weigh stations in 31 states, helping to reduce congestion  created when trucks queue up to enter  inspection facilities. In addition, the use of PrePass Plus electronic toll payment services allows fleets to efficiently move through hundreds of toll payment sites on over 80 toll facilities, reducing congestion at toll plazas and saving drivers’ time.

 * through August 2015

Industry Efficiency