HELP Inc. is a non-profit public/private partnership and a safety advocate for motor carriers and enforcement and compliance agencies. We sit at the table with key Federal, State and Industry decision-makers as a thought leader in advancing the safety and efficiency of the transportation industry.


HELP’s mission is to create and sustain a cooperative environment where industry and government work together to effectively deploy advanced technology to promote highway safety, to save time, fuel and money, and to reduce emissions. HELP will continue to serve its customers by identifying and deploying advanced technologies that increase transportation system interoperability and performance, increase safety, reduce delay and costs, and enhance the economic and environmental benefits that the freight sector contributes to the nation.


HELP’s public and private partners envision safe, secure and seamless commercial vehicle operations across North America’s highway system. Through widespread use of advanced technologies, both carriers and government agencies will increase regulatory compliance, while also saving time and money; and reduce congestion, delay and environmental impacts.

Core Values

•  Highway safety and infrastructure protection
•  Efficiency for government and industry
•  Data security, integrity and privacy
•  Unique public/private partnership
•  Customer-centric services
•  Reliable innovative technology
•  Leadership


Mission, Vision & Core Values