HELP Inc. is the oldest non-profit public/private partnership (P3) dedicated to advancing the safety and efficiency of the commercial transportation industry.

Our three-tiered approach is the first of its kind to positively impact the transportation sector while benefiting the public, government and motor carrier industry.

Our mission is:

  • Safety – HELP Inc. solutions are designed to reduce congestion and promote safer roadways for all motorists by electronically screening and bypassing only the safest, most qualified fleets.
  • Efficiency – HELP Inc.’s services save motor carriers time, fuel and billions of dollars in costs while improving their operating productivity, and enable government agencies to carry out regulatory responsibilities at a lower cost with a higher degree of efficiency.
  • Advocacy – As safety advocates, HELP is recognized as the leading P3 providing federal, state and industry decision-makers measurable results for both the public and private sectors.
  • Innovation – HELP Inc.  provides the latest technology and services to gather and utilize secure data for improved safety and efficiency.

HELP Inc.’s unique public/private approach bridges the gap between industry and government, and promotes the highest level of cooperation. This unique collaboration enables us to deliver advanced transportation technologies faster, better and more cost-effectively than traditional approaches.

Representatives from both the public and private sectors serve on the HELP Inc. Board of Directors and play the critical role of authorizing HELP’s services, pricing and related policies while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance. To make certain that our activities balance the needs of both industry and government, our Board of Directors is comprised of an equal number of members from both categories. Leadership of the Board and its committees rotates every two years to ensure that neither government nor industry dominate HELP’s decision-making process.

About Us